Garageband is a complete music studio inside your device with lot of different instruments and complete sound library. This app is specially designed by Apple Inc. Its a music and podcast creation system which let you create multiple tracks with MIDI Keyboards, loop, various instrumental effects and voice recording. It’s a best option for beginners in music field. Beginners can learn music on Garageband and give there lyrics best background music ever.  And if you want to be a DJ then don’t need to go anywhere.

Be a DJ of your party by yourself with the help of Garageband. DJ mixing is easy with Garageband and play your own sounds and music in your party. I must say its a one of easiest app to play, learn, create and share your own music worldwide. So get ready to be a musician with Garageband. In this article i will guide you about uses of Garageband, features, why you should have to choose it. And very important how you can install Garageband for PC Windows and Mac Laptop?

Why you should choose Garageband ?

If one app provide you everything free on a single platform then what you want more. Yes! Garageband tool provide you all function which you really want for your music career. This app make everything easy for you. Its comes with lots of useful editing and recording features. You can compose, edit and create music easily on Garageband. For using this app you don’t need to be an artist. You can make amazing music without any experience with Garageband. Even you can fulfill your wish without paying a single penny.Garageband for PC, Windows

Garageband is good option for profesional muscican, artist, filmaker and beginner as well. Its symphony orchestra and Bold packages features can use in film making. And begginer can learn music and give their lyrics best backgroung music from music library. Musician can choose their own beats and add different musical rythms with popular music. This app is simple and easy to use. you can use this app anytime at any place without wasting your time. And in a short time create blended music. Its musical loops are easy to arrange. Over all its a complete package for those who don’t have music studio at home.

Is Garageband available for PC Windows and Mac?

Its official is not available for PC Windows and Mac Laptop. This app is officially available for all Apple devices because its designed by Apple Inc. You can download this app from raresoftware or download it from here.

 What is the cost of Garageband?

This musical app is totally free for everyone. You can creat unique music without paying a single penny. Garageband free feature make it more speciall then other musical app. No one can provide you every single instrument free. But Garageband give you everything free which you really need for your music career.

Is Garageband a Daw?

Garageband is one and only DAW (digital software workstation) and music sequencer that help you to record and play back multiple tracks of audio.

What are the featuers of Garageband?

This incredible music app comes with unique and great features which help you to creat a best music by yourself. Here we are going to explain you that why this app is so popular then many other apps. Lets go to checkout its main featuers below.

Creat Music:

  • Creat your own music with or without instrument with lot of sounds.
  • Loops featuer let you create own loops with live instrument like guitar, drum etc.
  • Play and record sounds with help of internal keyboard.
  • Big range of instruments at your fingertips.
  • Plug in your guitar or mic and select different amps, effects, stomboxes for your sound.
  • Create signature sound.
  • Play Drum with your song and also can choose from 28 drummers and three percussionists in six genres.
  • Each drummer has a signature kit which help you create a variety of groove and fill combination.
  • Whenever youre using ams, effects or software instrument, you can shape your sound easily with Smart Controls.

Great app for beginner:

  • Learn and play music with the help og Garageband.
  • It has 40 different denre-based lessons including, blues, pop, classical. Its animated instruments and videos demos keep you busy and don’t let you get bored while learning. Learned all leassons and be a professional musician.
  • Garageband will help you in learning music like a teacher. This app will listen your music lesson and tell you how you are doing. This featuer will help you to improve your skills and track your progress as well.
  • Its let you share your song and music with friends, family and worlwide via social networks.
  • This app also let you share your remix, demos directly from Garageband to your fan using Apple Music Connect.
  • You can make your song your ringtone.
  • Add your tracks to your iTune library as well.

Garageband comes with so many live instruments. Such as it has Standard Keyboard and smart keyboard instrument. You can find two different kind of Drum in Garageband  with signature Drum kits. You can find Chinese instruments which help user to play original chines sounds like the gong etc. It has Smart guitar which available in 4 other guitar forms. And all guitar in Garageband has two optional sound boxes. Also has Smart Bass and Smart String as well. And Sampler Instrument let the user to record the sound and play it on keyboard. And if you want to record audio on Garageband then you must have internal microphone or headphone mic. Once you record your audio after that you can apply different audio effects on your recording.

We all know how much worth has Garageband, But its only available for Apple users. Unfortunately there is no official version of GarageBand is Available for PC, Windows and Laptop. But you can still have download and install Garagebad for PC, Windows by following instructions below:

  • At very first you need to download iOS Emulator For PC and Windows.
  • iPadian is one of best, and we used and suggest to our readers.
  • Download iPadian from here, they charge $20 for download but it worth it.
  • Now open downloaded iPadian.exe file and run setup.
  • It will ask your Apple id, so login with it.
  • After successful install of iPadian on Windows/PC, go to Start>Program Files and locate iPadian Emulator.
  • Open iPadian Emulator, on main screen you will see some installed apps.
  • Locate App Store app and open it.
  • Now write in search bar “ Garageband” and hit enter button.
  • Garageband will appear in App Store now click on install the app button.
  • GarageBand for PC is ready, just go back to main screen in iPadian and locate your app.
  • Now you can create music with GarageBand for windows, Enjoy your time.